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Old 9th September 2018, 06:31 PM
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Default The Well

Make use of well located in the city

1. What will it be for?
General idea of the well is to store items such as gems, pupil feeds, wood&stone items and elixirs.

Why to have it?

Because all those items can be called as "misc" not that much space consuming like armor or weapon for example (but in shakes&fidget, unfortunately, they count as 1 slot space). We have 20 available slots but many players have half of that space filled with gems.

2. Mechanics

We click on well in the city and we enter it.
We see the well inside graphic and a rat which say:

"Hello stranger, I can help you if you can help me. Give me food and I will keep your misc items here, in the safest place in this city. If you want your items back feed me again."

3. Food for rat:

We will get it by defeating enemies in tavern and dungeons. For every 1 defeated enemy in tavern we will get 1 food, for every defeated enemy in a dungeon we will get 50 food. The amount of food we have will be displayed when we enter the well. There will be a maximum limit of 1.000.000 food that we can have at a time.

When we click on a rat the menu will pop up with 5 store options :

- Enter storage
- Store gem
- Store elixir
- Store pupil feed
- Store wood/stone

Enter storage option is free - we don't have to pay to have access to it. Other services will cost:

Store gem - 100 food or 1 mushroom
Store elixir - 50 food or 1 mushroom
Store pupil feed - 10 food or 20 quicksands
Store wood/stone - 5 food or 10 quicksands

To store an item we click appropriate option and then we have to choose an item we want to store by simply clicking on it, then the window will pop up asking us if we want to store that item for xx food amount. When we accept it the amount of food will be taken from our balance and item will be stored.

To withdraw item we have in storage we will need to pay:

Withdraw gem - 200 food or 2 mushrooms
Withdraw elixir - 100 food or 1 mushroom
Withdraw pupil feed - 20 food or 40 quicksands
Withdraw wood/stone 10 food or 20 quicksands

We also need to have at least 1 free slot in our bag in order to withdraw.

4. Storage capacity

We click on a rat and we will have 42 slots available.

Other changes:

Elixirs will be stacked to a maximum number of 100. Example:

The same with pupil feeds, wood/stone. Gems won't stack.

Other options:

Storage upgrade ("well on roids") - cost 20 mushrooms, last 30 days.
Gives you:

- decrease withdraw cost by 100% (withdraws cost the same amount as store option)
- you can store items too (costs 100 food or 1 mushroom store / 100 food withdraw or 1 mushrooms)

Storage upgrade 2 ("bottomless well") - cost 100 mushrooms, last 30 days.
Gives you:

- no store and withdraw costs
- you can store items too

When storage upgrade expires you still be able to withdraw items which you put in storage but you won't be able to put items to storage untill you buy storage upgrade again.

5. Rat overgrowth:

A rat will be the only one NPC in a city which is non-human.
As we will feed the rat using raw meat taken from our enemies the rat will have a food limit. Every 2000 food given to rat (rabies level), it will turn into a monster.
When the rat turns into a monster when we enter the well we don't have access to our storage until we defeat him.

If we play warrior the rat will be a class warrior, if mage then rat is mage etc...
The rat will have the same lvl as we have and 10x the statistics we have (not counting stats from elixirs and items + gems)

It's hard for me to calculate how easy or hard it will be to defeat but I suggest that we won't be able to kill him at first try, we will need to attack him several times in order to defeat him.
We will be able to fight him once a day and he will regenerate 20% of his total life every day.
When we defeat him, the rat will turn into normal rat and have 0/2000 rabies level, we will get back access to our storage.
We won't get any rewards for killing this rat except turning him into normal rat and reducing rabies level from over 2000 to 0.

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