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Old 10th May 2015, 06:10 AM
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Default Monster toughness

Since the upgrade monsters seem to have got a lot tougher. At first I put it down to the mis-function of the glove bonus but the issue persists. Guild dungeons are harder, guild demons are harder and to cap it all I lost a quest battle - my first in at least two years! What has changed?
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Old 10th May 2015, 04:15 PM
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what has most likely changed is your luck with the random generator. but it is possible they did tweek some things to make certain things harder but I doubt it as Playa is usually open abt any changes they have made.

Yes they are usually tight lipped b4 the changes but I have yet to see them be the same once it is rolled out. they might not tell us how they changed it but they would say they did.
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Old 12th May 2015, 07:09 AM
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My personal dungeon was almost done.
But now.......
Every day the monsters gets stronger and stronger.
My opinion: before the update players with a high level wouldn't get 10% xp on there monster back the next day (but less than 10%), the only way they made a chance to defeat them. After the update the 10% is back.

For a while I was weaker in fights with other monsters, but I regained that strenght (don't know if I got it through training or through a mini update or so.
What I don't know for sure is that the damagerange I could do with my weapon changed (got lower) since the update. But I can't prove that or look back to see if that's true or not.
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Old 12th May 2015, 08:10 PM
willow willow is offline
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I totally agree with this. The monsters are a lot stronger than they were before the update. We all are a lot stronger than a few weeks ago, but it looks like that every day we are becoming weaker or the monsters stronger.
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Old 13th May 2015, 08:39 PM
slasker slasker is offline
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Same thing here. Had my dungeon down at 75% before the upgrade. After the upgrade, it quickly climbed up to 100% again... Last Wednesday, it finally looked like the they had "nerfed" the monsters again (as stated somewhere in a thread) - but it seems like the bosses are back at harder strength now. I will have to wait to have my character being some levels stronger before I am back to something comparable to before the upgrade :-(. Strange they are not mentioning this... It has been reckoned as they have tried to "nerf" the monsters again. I just wonder what they tried to fix, and why they dont just return to the old "formula"...

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Old 24th May 2015, 06:21 PM
Maharg Maharg is offline
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Good example today. Attacked the guild demon (a warrior with 73k strength). First strike did 450k damage. But my minimum damage is 1.5m - less 50% armour makes a min of 750k. I am a warrior too so my strength should not be reduced. How does that work???
Old 25th May 2015, 03:59 AM
bobo baggins's Avatar
bobo baggins bobo baggins is offline
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Remember that the figures for damage and other stats in pvp or any battle if done based off fighting a player/mob the same level as you. demon portal is a completely different beast though with op con plus we don't know what kind of armor they have which will effect damage they take.

I can tell you this the update did not change anything when it comes to DP as I had same issue as morrie but this happened way b4 the update but I had my mob down to abt 20% and even less and had it go between 20%-60%+ for like 3 months b4 I finally wore it down to under 10% but still took another 3 weeks once I got to that point to finally have a good crit day to beat it. next mob I took out in 2 weeks and the one after that.

So I say don't blame the update it is just the nature of the beast.
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