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Old 5th December 2016, 03:00 AM
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Originally Posted by GeorgeKen View Post
I still fail to see what's the purpose of adding to the game "the possibility to insert a slot". So what? You get an epic with no slots and then you go to shops and pay i.e. 500.000gold to insert a socket to it? Is that fulfilling? Why not make everyone level 500 and give them limitless mushrooms and infinite stats? Let's make the game totally goal-less and give no satisfaction whatsoever to the gamers.

I spent 2000 mushrooms to get epics in every slot with gems mate, and that is what pays this company and that is what satisfies me as a player as well. The fact that not all of us are equally strong. If they give to everyone the ability to be equal, the next day the company is dead and thus the game is dead.

Please stop whining for god's sake, this game is easy enough as it is....
yes the game is easy and yes I shroom but I am on the side of those complaining about the cost of finding epics with slot heck this epic weekend was a waste I stopped at almost 400 shrooms when I only found 6 epics on Saturday none with slots and 6 today with 1 worth keeping which by the equals the amount I got from quests so a whopping 2 epics worth keeping for almpst 500 shrooms. not a good value. I don't mind supporting a game Ilike but dang epic weekends anymore feel like I have to sell my first born and I don't have any kids. Heckat this point I am not asking for all wpics to have slots but give us a way to add one to them I think most ppl who spend to find new epics would pay 10 shrooms for the ability to do so. it is a win-win players get what they want slots for epics and playa gets some money from shrooms.
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