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Old 15th March 2021, 09:01 PM
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Lightbulb Group Raid (weekly)

Hey Community,

I spent these days thinking about what have to be done to make this game even more amazing than it is already. After a couble of hours I came to a conclusion: an online game attract if there is a possibiltiy for grinding (at least for me).
But what could be better than grinding alone? Right: grinding in a team. Games like WoW or so are to poplar because of the the raids and tatics in a group (imho)
you assamble as a group, you train as a team, you defeat the dungeon boss after hours of exercise.
Of course, s&f is not a real-time game, but I still tried to think about how something like this could be implemented in a similar way.

I came to the conclusion that something like group dungeon raids could reflect this as the best. Here I tell you briefly how this could look like:
Players meet in a (raid) group (may not have to be from the same guild). There can be different dungeon player sizes that you can tackle together. (So ​​for 5, 15, 25 players).
An extra window on the main page is available for the dungeon raids organisatzion. The raid leader can open the raid. Now other players have time to participate within a certain period of time. Then the raid begins after the elapsed time.

The fight itself remains in s&f style, which means that the fight runs automatically. (Additional idea: You can assign different roles to the individual players: Tank, DamageDealer, Healer = Druid?).
Now the players don't fight the monsters one after the other, but all at once. (Additional idea: the tanks get the damage from Monster first, the DamageDealers at the end). You could imagine it like, that the monster is in the middle and the raid players stand in a group around it.
The monster can either attack all at once or carry out individual attacks against individual players. (These can of course also dodge, block)
If the monster is defeated, it leaves a drop (epic item sets) These are then randomly allocated to the raid group.

litte picture of the fight overlay:
m... monster
p... player


vs (with roles assing )
m... monster
t.... tank
d... damage delaer


There should be different dungeons, depending on the level range. (Dungeon 1: Lvl 50 - 80; Dungeon 2: 80 - 120; ...). The dungeon can be repeated as often as you want, but you can only take part in them once a week. (Mushroom feature: for x mushrooms you can take part in additional dungeons)

I hope I was able to explain my idea a little and would be happy to hear your feedback. I am of course aware that this is not a thing that can be implemented in 5 minutes, but I am still convinced that this would keep the long-term fun high.

Kind regards
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SilvioSpas (16th March 2021)
Old 16th March 2021, 05:39 PM
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Nice suggestion, I like it! I'm supporting this and you.
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dungeons, fight, raids, team

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