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Old 26th January 2016, 02:25 PM
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Default New Patch c2.59.1058, s849

A note to update to v2.56.1057 (already live): it also adds black gems to the game (they increase all five attributes and can be found if many guild members upgraded their hall of knights to a certain level) and lets the stable button flash when your mount has expired.

That's not all...the upcoming patch (client 2.59.1058, server 849) will further tweak the fortress to make attacks more interesting but also protect attacked players better.

Planned changes:

+ a fortress will be protected for 24 hours instead of 8 after an attack on it
+ reduced training duration for archers and scouts: 10 and 5 minutes instead of 15 and 10
+ new attack mechanics

As attacks should become more attractive for attackers they will get some resources as bonus that are not stolen from the defender. The loot depends on both players' fortress levels.

Example: your fortress is level 12, your opponent's fortress is level 10. You do not only gain the normal loot but also a wood and stone bonus that the defender's woodcutter's hut and quarry produce in 2 hours (12-10=2).

Bonus formula:

same fortress level: 4 hour bonus
target fortress -1 level: 3 hour bonus
target fortress -2 levels: 2 hour bonus
target fortress -3 levels: 1 hour bonus

The update is already live on We will test and further tweak the new mechanics. All other servers will receive the update in the course of the next days.

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