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Old 7th October 2018, 10:33 PM
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Default S&F Evolution - Content & Level Requirement

Content Overview

Level: Content (where found)

Level 1: a new hero is born!
Level 10: Daily Missions, Scrapbook (Magic Shop), Dungeon 1 (Quests) & sending private messages unlocked
Level 11: Start of regular Quest times (5, 10, 15, 20 minutes without a Mount)
Level 15: Talismans and medium potions unlocked (Magic Shop)
Level 20: Dungeon 2 unlocked (Quests)
Level 25: Fortress unlocked
Level 30: Dungeon 3 unlocked (Quests)
Level 35: Large potions unlocked (Magic Shop)
Level 40: Dungeon 4 unlocked (Quests)
Level 50: Magic Mirror (Quests), Dungeon 5 (Quests) & Epics (Shops) unlocked; Guid Leaders able to start Guild Raids
Level 66: Witch unlocked
Level 70: Dungeon 6 unlocked (Quests, Magic Shop)
Level 75: Pets unlocked (Quests)
Level 80: Dungeon 7 unlocked (Quests)
Level 85: Holy Grail unlocked (Gem Mine)
Level 90: Blacksmith unlocked (also needs Pets)
Level 95: Dungeon 8 (Quests) & Wheel of Fortune 2.0 (Quests) unlocked
Level 99: Demon's Portal unlocked
Level 100: Key for Arcane Toilet unlocked (Quests)
Level 105: Arena Manager unlocked
Level 110: Dungeon 9 (Quests, Weapon Shop) unlocked
Level 125: Shadow World unlocked (also needs access to Tower)
Level 125: Twister unlocked (also needs access to Tower)
Level 180: Dungeon 17 unlocked (Gem Mine)
Level 200: Dungeon 15 unlocked
Level 222: Shadow Dungeon 17 unlocked (Gem Mine, also needs access to Tower)
Level 250: Several Epics unlocked
Level 280: Shadow Dungeon 18 unlocked (Gem Mine)
Level 300: More Epics unlocked
Level 350: Shadow Dungeon 15 unlocked (Gem Mine)

Tower: clear Dungeons 1-9
Underworld: Gem Mine (Fortress) Level 10+, access to Tower
Key to Dungeon 10: after clearing Dungeons 1-9
Key to Dungeon 11: after clearing Dungeon 10 or clearing the first 10 Twister floors
Key to Dungeon 12: after clearing Dungeon 11
Key to Dungeon 13: after clearing Dungeon 12
Key to Dungeon 14 (Easteros): in the Gem Mine of the Fortress is Dungeon 12 is already open
Key to Dungeon 15 (Time-honored School of Magic): in the Gem Mine of the Fortress after reaching Level 350 (Character)
Key to Dungeon 16 (Hemorridor): in the Gem Mine of the Fortress is Dungeon 12 is already open
Key to Dungeon 17 (Nordic Gods): after reaching Level 180, key in Gem Mine

Keys to Shadow Dungeons 2-14: after clearing 5+ Floors of the previous Shadow Dungeon (key in Gem Mine)
Keys to Shadow Dungeons 15: after reaching Level 350 (key in Gem Mine)
Key to Shadow Dungeons 16: after clearing 5+ Floors of Shadow Dungeon 12 (key in Gem Mine)
Key to Shadow Dungeon 17 (Continuous Loop of Idols): after reaching Level 222 (Character) and having access to the Tower (key in Gem Mine)
Key to Shadow Dungeon 18 (Nordic Gods): after reaching Level 280 (Character), key in Gem Mine

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