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Old 23rd December 2013, 08:33 PM
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Default Flippy Flop Bippity Bop

Came across an article explaining a personality disorder I had never heard of before. It was applied to the present mayor of Toronto in Canada who has had a really bad year full of a lot of deceit and not taking responsibility for his actions. This Personality Disorder is called "Chaos Manufacture". The characteristics of this kind of personality are that the person likes to create or maintain an environment of destruction, risk, confusion and/or mess. They like to incite drama. Doing it in a number of ways, sometimes looking as though they supporting you in some way and attacking in another.

After looking it up I came to the conclusion that I had actually seen this kind of behaviour on line. As a matter of fact I had realised that I have seen it in a number of gaming situations. Hiding behind other names that don't coordinate with their in game toons they are able to look as though they are supporting you in one way while attacking in another.

Word to anyone who has come across anyone who is like this-people who are so disruptive that it throws your game off. Let them be, ignore them and move on they are looking for a rise and the more you buy into it the more they will continue. They seem to gain great pleasure in making others seem insignificant or frustrated.

So ladies and germs there is a term for this behaviour. Feel free to look it up and be glad that you are only affected by it on line and that you aren't living in real life with someone with this debilitating narcissistic disorder.

Me, I'm in the game to have fun and am pleased to say that all of us in Mage Corps are having fun too. No confusion, irritation or disruption just good old fashion fun! And really isn't that what Shakes and Fidget is all about?

mage corps the only way to fly

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