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Old 1st July 2018, 12:58 PM
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Default Timeline dungeon - suggestion

Hello everybody,

today I'm presenting you a new concept that came into my mind. I will try to explain it with many details as possible, so everybody can fully understand this idea and give your honest feedback!

Introduction of the concept

I believe everybody already saw this, but in case you don't, here you have an image of the actual dungeons' map:

As you can see, every dungeon is treated like a new "world", each one connected to the others by some kind of trails or roads. However, since each dungeon is opened following a determined sequence, you'd expect that each dungeon is connected only to the previous and to the next dungeon. For example, dungeon 1 should have only 1 rail, connecting it to dungeon 2 (since there's no dungeon before dungeon 1). However, as you can see, it's connected to dungeon 2 and dungeon 4. So, what does something so useless like this (and not entirely incorrect, since that only dungeon 4 doesn't follow this 'rule', but every other dungeon is connected to the previous and to the next one) have to do with my idea?

I started imagining a map where every single dungeon was connected to the previous one, and to the next one. 'Alright, cool, so is this your fancy idea? Connect the dungeons?" Not really. But this got me thinking: this sequence that connects each dungeon, for some reason, made me to start imagining a 'timeline'.

What is a 'timeline' ?

Imagine the beggining of the Universe, the Big Bang. Now imagine every event after it, following a time sequence, from the beggining till today. Now picture it with the correct sequence (e.g., Big Bang -> formation of stars -> formation of planets -> etc etc) and you have a 'timeline'. But enough of the physics.

The 'timeline' dungeon

Let's face it, dungeons are probably the most-desired type of content from the playerbase. Is the best way to test your stats and compete with other players/servers to be the first to complete it.
But how can we 'connect' the timeline of our existance, as an human being, to this game?
Here I present you the Timeline dungeons (other names are up to discuss )

It consists in 10 themed dungeons, that are included in our timeline. I imagined this 10 events, give me your opinions about it:
  1. Dinosaurs - Jurassic Period (since I don't imagine we fighting proto-planets and stuff like that )
  2. The domain of the mammals (for those who don't know, after the dinosaurs went extinct, mammals like the mammoth ruled the Earth).
  3. The Neanderthal (pre-historical man)
  4. The Romans (a huge influence in the ancient world)
  5. The Crusades (can be changed to middle age man or whatever, period between 1000-1200 a.c)
  6. The Colonials (discovery of other continents by the europeans, we could fight something like sea monsters that man believed in, aztecas soldiers, indian merchants, ghost ships, etc).
  7. The Industrials (period after the colonial age where machines started to appear)
  8. The modern man (imagine this as the man from the 20th century)
  9. The space man (man starts to conquer the space!)
  10. The future man (stuff like robots.)

How is each dungeon open?

The first dungeon (The Dinosaurs) should be opened once the player reachs a certain level. My opinion is, maybe, level 300, so that players at level 325 can start defeating some opponents.
Once the first dungeon is opened, and after some thoughts, I think the best option here is to follow the same concept as in shadow world: once you defeated 5 monsters from a dungeon (by the way, each dungeon has 10 monsters), you can open the next dungeon. How?
  • Key in missions
  • Key in gem's mine
  • Opens automatically
Tell me which one you prefer!

Level's range

As previously said, people at level 325 should be able to start defeating the first opponents. With this being said, and since the highest players are at levels ~510, I can imagine the last dungeon being closed at levels 550~560.

  • - XP (as in normal dungeons)
  • - Gold (as in normal dungeons)
  • - Epics (100% in each monster, we're already at mid-high levels, we don't need normal items).

This could be also a way to implement the thirst time reduction, by giving -% for each monster defeated. My opinion on this is, maybe, 0.35~0.4% for each monster, giving us a total of 35~40%.

Pros and Cons

  • Content for mid-high levels
  • Can last up to 3 years
  • New way to give more XP, so that people can level up fast
  • New way to receive more epics
  • Can make some bonuses never saw in the game, a reality! (like thirst time reduction)
  • Playa doesn't need to release the 10 dungeons at the same time: they can release this new 'world' in pieces: 3 dungeons in the first time, 2 more a few months later, 4 more and so on...
  • Can also be a way to incorporate goblins and trolls into the game, since that they are 100% useless at the moment: as in shadow world, where you fight with your tower companions, you could fight with your trolls and/or goblins in this dungeons.
  • More satisfying than current high-dungeons (e.g. twister), where you only have 1 dungeon to do instead of 2/3 at a given time.

  • This concept is seen by the ocidental man. People in, let's say, chinese servers, probably doesn't know what the crusades, or the colonial age means
  • Even though I said this with totally good reasons, people can be offended by some parts*
  • Doesn't follow the animes/movies-theme implemented by Playa Games so far (I don't know any movies nor tv shows for the colonial age, for example).

* Some people doesn't see certains time periods as the best ones. Mexicans, for example, COULD dislike fighting aztecas soldiers as a sign of 'inferiority' (don't ask me why, but there's people for everything). In the same way, muslims could not enjoy the crusades theme. Even though I suggested this without trying to offend anyone, reality is that people may get offended.


To me, this seems like a reasonable way to get content for high levels. Tell me what do you think about it, what do you think should be changed, etc etc... and let's work this idea!

Update 1.1: added 2 more pros.
Update 1.2: added 1 more pro.

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