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Old 17th December 2017, 08:09 PM
Alvin85 Alvin85 is offline
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I didn't like new raids. They are boring and not funny to watch like the old ones. We've waited for the new raids almost for ages. And the result is :
-They are %10 lower than the actual ones. We can't see our true performance. I don't want to cheer myself when I saw 4m damage on the monster is actually a 40m damage.
- We can't hit a critical damage either. 1 or 2 per battle. This is really annoying. Critical damages could change the dungeon's destiny. But we can clearly see the result will be the same all the time.
- I'm an archer so my ability is dodging some hits. And warrior's ability is block. But warrior monster in raid can dodge hits more than me. What's the point then?

These new raids don't give some price except some little EXP. Anyways, I don't want extra bonuses or prices. I just want some fun. I can't see myself on the normal guild fights. So this was VERY IMPORTANT for me. But I'm totally disappointed. And I really didn't like those new raids. Whatever, It's better than nothing. Really??
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