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Old 7th January 2011, 02:36 PM
Netherdrake Netherdrake is offline
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Default What if

How about a market where to sell items and a larger drawer ?
Old 7th January 2011, 03:55 PM
Guzganu Guzganu is offline
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Depends, can be good or bad. Good couse you can use rare and nice items from friends, and bad couse you can sell crap items to insane amounts of gold at a low level to your high level mates and then will be unfair game ballance. Maybe a restriction to sell the items at the same price as the vendors now give you in the open market also.
Old 7th January 2011, 05:10 PM
Snugglewuggle Snugglewuggle is offline
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Bad idea. A: you have to implement a grid for levels. like Y weapon can be used if you are from lvl 1 to 10. if not. you can;t equip it. armor, boots, etc.
B: if there is no A come;s X warrior lvl 100 and sells his shield for 10. why this cheap price? because is for a friend. that friend is lvl 15. so we now have a lvl15 warrior with super ubber item for a low price. not a fair game.
C: a marketplace with tons of crap items for a 300% + price of their real valor.
The list can go on

And for a larger drawer. You mean like the inventory? If that is the case, i;m happy with only 5 slots. other's opinion may differ. i don;t know.

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