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Old 15th February 2019, 01:21 AM
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Default Does taking dragon as a mount decrease possibility to win mushrooms?

I read some wear in the internet that you generally have 8% possibility to find mushrooms each quest, but when you take dragon as a mount this decreases to 5%, is that true?
+ I am now level 16 and didn't find scrapbook of meticulousness in the magic shop, how do i find it quickly?
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Old 15th February 2019, 02:34 AM
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Yes, it's true. The better the mount, the weaker chance of getting mushrooms/quest. (from 8% to 5%, that means you get 8% with no mount, 7% with a -10% mount, 6% with a -30% mount and 5% with the -50% mount)
But why bother buying a dragon griffin? Unless you are a shroomer it will be hard to maintain it at that level especially. The -30% mount is most probably the best approach.
The difference in chance is very small, getting a better mount and going for exp only is the best way to play this game. You can get an enchantment for armor that gives you +50% chance of finding shrooms in quests at level 66 when you unlock the witch. The lucky wheel will definetly give you 3 shrooms/1-2 weeks or more usually. There's a mushrooms event next weekend. (forest rarities event)
Events order is:
-> epic (higher chance to find epic items at level 50+)
-> gold
-> forest rarities (mushrooms higher chance and a chance to find stone and wood for fortress in quests)
-> exp

As for the scrapbook... I guess you reached level 16 in just one day, right?
You can refresh items in the magic shop or drink beers in the tavern in case you might find it in quests. I would say it's not worth it tho.
Cheapest way to refresh the magic shop is by buying the items that cost only gold so that way new items appear and you spend no shrooms. I would do that if there was or is going to be a gold event, that way you can restore your gold or be sure you have plenty; there was a gold event last weekend so next one will be in 4 weeks from now.
Keep in mind that at level 25 you unlock the fortress, you will need a ton of gold there in the beginning, after you get a higher level it will get easier to upgrade things. (higher level -> more gold)
So not worth it with gold either (imo), I would wait to find it in quests or to appear in the magic shop, you will find it in 1-2 days for sure.

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Old 15th February 2019, 04:04 AM
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yes on mount better the mount less chance.

Scrapbook last I knew only can be found in magic shop. if you have the shrooms yeah you could refresh the shop but imo not worth it at least for a couple days at least.
have fun, fight hard, die honorably
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Akai shuichi (15th February 2019)

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