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Old 21st June 2018, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
I appreciate the clarification, might I request that ... instead of NEW content with the Redesign ... that you focus on the community requests to optimize existing content.

I believe Eggman would have the most comprehensive list, between the requests of the international and german forums.

Essentially an "update rollup" of fix requests and enhancement requests to optimize existing content for the fall ... which gives extra time to release something small/medium in the winter.

Right now, the biggest requests I'm seeing is optimization of time and gold for current content.

Again, thank you for the clarification ... not far off from the bullet points I summarized earlier in the week.
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Old 21st June 2018, 06:59 PM
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Really glad that PG decided to write this letter to their player base about this update, due to everyone's negative feedback of it. And I'm glad that they recognised their error. However, that doesn't change the fact that their last updates are being complete ****

Assassins is not an update in my opinion. Sorry if you don't agree. However, dungeon 15 is the type of content we currently need: more dungeons, more things to do/fight for.

I still can't understand how Playa thinks that shadow-raids, that are impossible to complete (maybe start to think about a monsters' nerf or players' stats buff?), and this new ranking doesn't give anything new to guilds to do. Is a new ranking only. Not sure if the reason that I think this way is because the last updates for guilds were raid dungeons (the first version, complete new 50 raids for the guild) and the portal. So, is normal to assume that when someone talks about "guild updates" we start expecting about new content, new monsters, and not rankings.

Start planning better updates and maybe you can re-gain the trust community had in you a few years ago.
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bydway (21st June 2018)
Old 21st June 2018, 09:58 PM
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I'm sorry to be negative, but this is one of the longest ways of saying nothing I seen in recent years. While some obvious mistakes of the company have been acknowledging there's not much actual understanding or willingness/possibility to change.

First of all, again considering Easter update as big is dishonest, to say the least. The "new" class is pretty much the exact copy of already existing one with minor changes. As for the dungeons, it was decent but calling those two things big? It's like calling this update biggest in 3 years, technically correct but practically incorrect.

The whole feature of the new ranking is utterly pointless and that's the biggest complain of everyone I have seen. For me, it's a complaint because of the explanation on how much time was put into it when literally anything useful could've been achieved. This obviously wasn't commented on to stay on the safe side.

There's an obvious issue of detachment from the player base, just because the company changes graphics and code it doesn't exactly bring anything to be excited about, at least for me. I don't play this game for those. "understand our excitement better" presents it perfectly as I seriously doubt that many players will.

Again, this feels like your typical professional company letter that says nothing. Unless the "it is too early to announce something specific now" part doesn't mean that this time around we will receive any information earlier than 5 minutes before it goes live and all leaks are punished - this was exactly nothing.

While I'm happy about the attention that this was given and I think it is a step "in the right direction" I'm worried about the language used to convey the message.
Old 21st June 2018, 10:56 PM
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I'm wondering if this "letter" is a joke.

This is the exact same pattern Paya used with SoccerStar.
Big words, hype for non-existing updates, fake reassurances and slowly letting the game die.

Have devs ever played this game? It seems like they dont care about the game or, worst case scenario, they dont even realize what's going on in the player base.

Here, posting in forums we are few, but at the same time hundreds of players are laughing at this letter and at the last "update", to keep from crying.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciated someone wrote this letter. The problem is the letter says nothing but what Leander already told us.

And saddly, there is no room for dialogue from their part. Just another "be quiet and we will come up with something in few months".

Old 22nd June 2018, 01:05 AM
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Well, what I read from this is:

- don't expect too much until SF 3.0 releases
- we like core experience the way it is

Since the new edition is in (probably early) alpha I would guess that a bigger update, bringing new stuff, is year away at best.
Old 22nd June 2018, 02:39 AM
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Thank you for Birthday event and a happy birthday to game.
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Leander (22nd June 2018)
Old 22nd June 2018, 06:59 AM
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Devs, you dont need SF 3.0 to add confirmation button for Time Machine in Underworld.
Old 22nd June 2018, 04:19 PM
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"A letter to the community" reads this way in my eyes:

- Playa spent more than 6 months (originally scheduled for release in December) on cross server fights, a feature that adds ZERO value to the game (its another HoF, and a dissapointing on at that).
- Similarly, the "guild" update" has nothing to do with the actual guilds, the promised features or the multitudes of bugs -- it's just another HoF.
- Playa don't want to make specific announcements because we have no clue if we'll manage to finish anything we start, hence we don't want to commit to the players.

Regarding Remastered and Flash, there have been TONS of warning signs:
a) Flash was used by more than 80% of websites to some extent in 2009 (most ad networks injected it to sites for tracking)
b) Flash started to rapidly decline in 2010 (after Jobs' "Thoughts on Flash" and its exclusion from iOS devices - Andoid soon followed suit)
c) It dropped below 50% in 2011 and continued to rapidly lose market share
d) everyone who relied on it made plans for alternatives in 2014, since Adobe (the publisher of Flash) made it clear that Flash development would not get any new features - the whole world buzzed with that.
e) in 2015 Google, the last major supporter dropped it from Youtube, signaling the beginning of the end
f) in July 2017, one full year ago, Adobe released an official press release that Flash is dead, and would be officially considered end of life in 2020.

All versions of SF are exported from the flash version (HTML and mobile included, though a different build) with tools that make it almost one-click to build the exported versions.

Why is this important? Because no matter how you try to explain it, the announcement is basically "we're screwed - we need to change technologies and haven't done almost anything until a few months ago", meaning that Playa is plain bad in keeping up as it is with releasing features. And as such, we wont release anything until we fix our mess.

Bottom line: "A letter to the community" basically reads as "we know you are dissapointed, however you don't understand".

Well... here's what Playa does not understand: we get it, and we're pissed that you think "marketing talk" will fly. Want to do it right? Admit to being out of contact with your customers, apologize and commit to specific goals.
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Old 22nd June 2018, 05:03 PM
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No, it's not a "you don't understand". We released the Steam version because of Flash and also developed the HTML5 version that went live two years ago. Therefore, it is definitely not a "haven't done almost anything until a few months ago".

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Old 22nd June 2018, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
No, it's not a "you don't understand". We released the Steam version because of Flash and also developed the HTML5 version that went live two years ago. Therefore, it is definitely not a "haven't done almost anything until a few months ago".
Steam probably brought (and keeps bringing) a lot of new players. It's a platform that has a huge player base.

Playa should think about expanding some more. GOG on computers at least. I would consider looking into switch.

As for HTML5 version - yeah, they took 2 years to make it, it was a failure and has been abandoned.
Finally someone came up with a brilliant thought that if they are remaking the game they could improve on it, but didn't think too much on it, so it's only visual upgrade.

To me Playa lacks vision.

2 years for non flash 2.0.
Another 2 years for non flash 3.0 with upgraded graphics.
Then they will think what could be added in the future, what technology would be needed and we will wait another 2 years for 3.5 or 4.0.

If you think thats absurd look through the announcement. The current big problem is "not enough space for new buttons".

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