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Old 16th February 2018, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
Yeah, they could do it like that.

But then why not make 20 levels for 1 thirst each? That's more things to build.
Anyway all of this is speculation. It's all about guessing what can happen.

At some point I was certain that fortress update was just a matter of time and that we would get some kind of update to pets. We got neither.
i think the biggest problem is that there is no use for souls after a certain point.
in the fortress you can at least use the ressources to search for gems.

after you are able to defeat the server highest player there will be no goal,
you could still level your keeper without a real reason.

also lets have a look at the buildings:
heart --> general building lvl cap
extractor --> gains souls
gate --> more daily fights --> gains souls
torture chamber --> higher battle booty --> gains souls
keeper --> fighting unit --> gains souls
goblins/trolls --> inferior fighting unit --> basically pointless

gladiator --> increases crit. dmg
gold pit --> gives gold (but is extremly shitty at that)
time maschine --> gives gold and xp, and could save thirst

7/10 buildings are useless in the end, if i take in to account how crappy the gold pit is, 8/10 buildings are useless.

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