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Old 9th October 2010, 04:25 PM
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Wink Guild Raids - some questions answered.

What are Guild-raids?

Guild-raids are like Guild-wars, but instead of fighting with other Guilds, u fight with Monsters and Bosses.

Who can start an Guild-raid?

Guild-dungeons can only be started from Guild-leader or officers, who are min. level 50.

Tipp: It needs to be only ONE Guild-leader of officer with level 50.
Example: A Guild has an Guild-leader level 50 and an officer level 30, the officer too can start a Guild-dungeon.

What does await you?

There are around 10-15 Monsters and one Boss with different levels.
In all there are 50 Stages.
Have u mastered a Dungeon, at Guild by Guild honor is an pointer where u can see what stage u already done.

How long does it take untill raid begining?

From Attack until Start it takes 10 hours, then there is 1,5 hours Pause and u can start again.

Tipp: U can only start Guild-raid or Guild-attack but bouth u cant. To Guild-deffence u can go always.

For every mastered Guild-dungeon u get Exp. but NO Items. To that u get +1 (or 2%) for Gold and Exp Instructor. Fortres level is going up too by + 1 for every mastered dungeon but the max number of players u can have is same, that means 50 players, but u get higher price for attacking your guild (other need to pay more to atc. you.)

What hapenes if u dont master a dungeon ?

U can try the dungeon stage as much u like until it is completed. BUT u need to pay every time the gold for dungeon start and for not completed dungeons u dont get gold back.

What can i do if a player cant come to do Guild-raid ?

Sadly nothing! When a player couldnt come to do Guild-dungeon, and the dungeon is mastered, then u cant repeat it again, but from bonuses u profit.

I have changed the Guild-whats now with stages ?

If u changed the guild and u have lets say in first guild completed 1-3 dungeons, and the new guild is at stage 2, then u can participate again on that dungeon stage but u dont get any Exp! U get Exp only if u are at stage 4. The Server saves stages u alredy completed. That means if u leave Guild A by stage 6 and u go to Guild B who is at stage 10, there are mising stages for u then. But if u would change the guild again to Guild C who is on stage 7 then u would get the exp. for the mising stages u havent done(u dont need to make it 1,2,3 u can do 1,10,11 and go to other guild and make from 2-9). Tipp. The 24 hours guild change rule is valid here.

Do u get Guild honor for completing ?

No u dont.

Do all fight from Guild ?

No, only peaple who clicked Guid-raid button.

My guild is not completly raised-what then ?

U get the bonus from 2% on instructor, but u need to normaly pay for your next regular instructor raising.

How can i start Raid ?

It works like Guild-attack. By the symbol for Guild-attack u have the Guild-raid symbol on what u click and the Raid is started.

How much gold is needed to start Raid ?

The price is going up for every stage:

Ebene 1: 105.261 Gold
Ebene 2: 226.626 Gold
Ebene 3: 365.661 Gold
Ebene 4: 523.836 Gold
Ebene 5: (not known yet)

I tried to give my best and to translate form German forum so i hope this is gona help u all a bit if i made some mistakes sry bad german u can correct it.
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