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Old 29th July 2014, 04:06 AM
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Originally Posted by bwana View Post
On UK2 everything is still messy and full of glitch!! Demons, chat, guild fight....all with problems. That way is almost whole day :/
Dunno about glitches, apart from very slow loading stuff, showing the Demon Portal screen as background at various places and sometimes needed to reload guild to see the chat but it seems now ALL text related to both portals is just removed EXCEPT in German language

Strange how they removed the perfectly fine English and replaced it with German only(and show text ONLY when you switch to German, while the English was shown on every language)

Is it not less work to leave the English as is for all other servers and just ADD German (and other languages as they move on)?

Also NO guildmessage (damage done) except if you turn German after doing the GuildPortal, so unless you switch its hard to tell how much damage you did, and no "Portal still Pending" when mouseover on a player in a Guild anymore(which was useful to Guild Leaders)

The Witch is still English BTW, i guess they still leave that untouched

I wonder why Playa seems so keen on doing half work every time instead of fixing things right at once

Funny thing: While switching to German language i noticed text balloons on city screen while mouseover the left menu-buttons, it's just a visual thingie but why don't other languages have this?

On the sunny side: The /arenaxp command seems nice but may i remind that this (again) a feature ONLY useable to players in a Guild
Anyway thanks for adding the /arenaxp command

BTW i'm on s2 and s3 Dutch game version .555

Old 29th July 2014, 07:52 AM
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Uk2 is 1 big glitch lol
Edit: nvm its all pretty much the same.
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