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Old 28th May 2016, 07:17 PM
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Default Arena Thoughts & Improvements

Hello Guys i would Like to Share my Feelings and thoughs about Arena in Shakes and Fidget.

First i would like Mentions whats good in the Arena & Bad

- (More or less) Feeding the Scrap Book kinda force to get Huge xp-Buff
- Daily 10 Arena Xp (Even tho its kinda just worth 2,5 alu so nothing realy worth much the effort)
- Until Lv 50 its a Good Source of Get money by banging People dont Donate or Use the Gold

- Arround Lv 50+ The Arena Gold You Get is so to low as Use even 1 Mushroom on a Guy give you Maximum Gold, and on LV 200+ you need Thousands of Duel with Max Gold to even buy 1 skill So Maybe Increase this ammount?
- You dont Realy get Rewarded with anything if you even Get #1 Or so

My Improvement Thoughs
- When You Finished Succesfully All 10 Wins You get 1 Free Attribute Point to Set
- Weekly Tourney > Player Get Based on their current Ranking (every Monday @ 00:00) a Price Which Maybe Could be Like This
- 1 : 5 Free Attribute Points to choose +1 Random Epic
- 2 : 3 Free Attribute Points to choose +1 Random Epic
- 3 : 1 Free Attribute Points to choose +1 Normal Item (75% Chance of Epic)
- 4-10 : Money worth of 25 Hour City Guard +1 Normal Item (50% Chance of Epic)
- 11-50 : Money worth of 20 Hour city Guard +1 Normal Item (30% Chance of Epic)
- 51-100 : Money Worth 15 Hour City Guard +1 Normal Item (25% Chance of Epci)
- 101-500 : Money Worth 10 Hour City Guard +1 Normal Item (20% Chance of Epic)
- 501-999 : Money worth 5 Hour City Guard +1 Normal Item (15% Chance of Epic)
- Above 1000 : +1 Normal Item (10% Chance of Epic)

That would be maybe my First Thoughts

Why Should Playa Add this
- People Tend more use Mushrooms to get Higher rank in last minute
- People Finaly see Reason be Active in the Arena i mean i see people do not even 10 fights in a week because all say arean is useless after filled Scrapbook.

Because not everyone see a reason fight in Arena the XP gained is useless and Gold gaining only every 10.000th fight helps you by give you 1 skill.

Hope that the Arena will see some improvements and more Reason spend time i mean why you added the Feature of the Mirror when after filled Scrapbook its useless visit it
Old 28th May 2016, 07:45 PM
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Negative. Anything that force players to use specific feature of game is no go.

PVP is for ranking nothing more.
Old 28th May 2016, 07:48 PM
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I can see Playa giving the gold and maybe the normal items but epics and attribute points I don't see that happening but worth a shot.
have fun, fight hard, die honorably
Old 29th May 2016, 10:15 AM
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Dont like this, it´s just for mushroomers, not to mention that it will make the strongest player even more stronger, thus it will be harder for others to catch up to them.

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