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Old 14th November 2017, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghettoforce View Post
Yes, you can't lose honor in Forterss HoF, but why is that a problem? It is clear that the top Forterss HoF players have put in a lot more time than the players that are lower in ranking. We all started playing fortess at the same time.
So you want to compare the overall strength of players by using a list which only says how many (useless) attacks you made?!

Lets compare 2 players for example:
                Me:     Another player:
Fortress level: 390     373
Fortress rank:  300      11
Heroes rank:    <20     139
Pets rank:      <20     119
Total points:  ~320     269
A player with a lower hero, lower pets and a lower fortress would be better than me because he made a few thousand attacks more than me? Attacks vs. maybe even lower enemies which say absolutely nothing?

Well, this means your HoF is as useless as the HoF Fortress for me (MY personal opinion!!! and nothing against you! I just don't like your HoF of HoF's with the current HoF Fortress integrated)

/edit: There are also players who start on an old server. It's possible to climb the HoF Heroes and Pets. But you wont be able to catch up the honor in the HoF Fortress in its current form

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Old 15th November 2017, 07:34 PM
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Hi Terenas, you are more than welcome to your opinion. I promise to not feel offended in the least.

The range of fortress opponents is limited, you cant just go out and attack whoever you like. you get options and can decide to attack those or not. On US. S1 Grog69 has 14664 honor. I, on spot 16 or so, onlyhave 4890 honor. I can assure you, he put in WAY more effoert in gaining his number 1 spot than me.

And ofcrouse someone joinging an old server has a hard timd Climbing HoF fortress, but if you really believe they can easily climb HoF Pets and HoF Horoes,, then i really wonder only one thing... how....???

IN the end, it really doesnt matter if you or me like the current HoF'. they are there, and we all ahve to live by the rules they have set. The only thing I and the people who have been enjoying the HoFo HoF's for the past year is, if the DEVS, like the idea and will incorportate it into the game.

I am looking forward to a positive response.
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Old 15th November 2017, 08:10 PM
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On a new server you use the counterattacks without any defense. You are able to make up to 144 attacks every day in theory (1 soldier = 1 attack, 10 minutes to rebuild that soldier), in practice 100+ are easy.
You need to login every 3 hours once you get 18 soldiers. Believe me, it's not that hard.
I have 8,3k honor on W9 (rank 1 has 61k) and 7k honor on W14 (rank 1 has 44k) because I stopped the attacks when i got fortress, laborers quartes and hall of knights 15 (Dr. Abawuwu is enough for the rest).

I didn't say new players on old servers can EASILY climb HoF Pets and HoF Horoes, I said it's POSSIBLE because the other players lose honor if they lose a fight. In HoF Fortress it's impossible if the other people keep attacking.

So if the HoF of HoFs will be integrated it's just another HoF I don't care about like the HoF Fortess (actually I don't care about the HoF Pets either^^). Due to this fact, good luck for your suggestion
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Old 16th November 2017, 08:53 AM
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I made suggestions awhile ago..
1. over 90% arnt playing..From 300,000 to 30,000 is all Low levels..
Anyone playing can get to level 20 in a week or 2..
2. Fighting Group on group is fun as ALL those NOT PLAYING are at 1/2 health or LESS..but you fight directly, Even in Arena, and they are full strength..
3. IF we eliminated FODDER...most groups would be Pretty small. Marking those that Arnt playing for more then 2-4 weeks..would be interesting..Even if only in the Guild display, so we can attack those Groups with TONS of fodder..
4. you can be TOP of the heap and NONE of your players are playing..They Topped out and have 4-10 High ranked players...and we cant tell that they arnt playing..(can check a few things, but that isnt 100%)

My guild has fought and fought, and tried to get a few extra players..Many joined most Quit. Finally got a few friends back..and STILL trying to get up there.. We are in the top 40.. but all the Fodder is low level, and the friends are trying to get Higher..(not as dedicated as the main 2 of the team..

We started out and KEPT a solid Slow build...and I would think we have a good K/D level..which isnt shown in game. Over the years you have added LOTS of things to make it easier to Build up..All these nice bonus's..we didnt have in the past.
I changed my Mind on how to get HIGHER about 1.5 years ago.. Push up as Min/max as far as you can still fight...THEN build up with money, again and again.. It works and is fast..But my Balance is almost forgotten. As long as I can GET LEVELS...I just push.

Do we really need more ingame? Dont know, and cant tell you. There is ALLOT in this game.
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Old 16th November 2017, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
Ah, ok. Yes, I like this suggestion and will forward it to the devs to see what they'll say.
Hmm, maybe that patch that you talked about contain already the HoF of Hof's xD
"Gamers don`t fear the Apocalypse, we've seen it many times before!"
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