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Old 27th October 2017, 04:15 PM
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Default Unable to register on W20

I just tried registering on the freshly started W20 server and got an "Access Denied - You've made too many attempts within a short time. Please wait a while before trying again."-error.

That was my first attempt.

Then I tried it again, tried a different browser and icognito mode and retried it with the original settings and kept getting the error (granted: Trying to register 5 times in 10 minutes could be considered making many attempts within a short time)

Fix pls.


e: Same error on the Steam version.

e2: I was told others had the same error and got through by spamming requests (which would be horrible). Personally I gave it a shot and spammed ~100 requests w/o success. I also tried going through the w19 page (where I have a character) and add a new character in the character selection screen (had to refresh in order for w20 to show up in the list of available servers), but it didn't work either.

e3: Tried registring with a different name / email - just in case there was something wrong with the name/email I was originally trying to use. No success.

e4: It's been an hour and none of the officials have reacted, but all of a sudden it worked. - Or I thought so while the clicks did not register and I made a 2nd character on W19, LoL! Autoban incoming!
Managed creating the same char on W20 aswell though.

Suggestion: If someone tries to make a new character on the same server they already have a character on do not let them.

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Old 27th October 2017, 05:26 PM
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Sorry for the problems. Might have been due to server delay, busy server, lots of people registering an account. Good to hear it worked then!

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