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Old 19th September 2018, 03:51 PM
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Default Fortress troops

Fortress defense is too strong against warriors.

Archers, mages, and warriors have the same stats which are:


but we have also fortifications:

As we know, at the same lvl archers are slightly better than warriors, mages are even better against warriors than archers and lvl 20 fortification is hard to beat even for 10 warriors at 150lvl.

It seems that number of troops and their stats are equal:

45 warriors against 30 archers, 15 mages and fortification.

And fortification here is used like: "we don't let you lose your resources if you maxed out your defense" but -

45 warriors 150lvl vs 30 archers 150lvl and 10 mages 150lvl = sure win for a defender as well, even without fortification warriors have no chance.

What do I suggest to do?

1. Increase warriors hp by 15% (then stats change won't be necessary)
2. Add additional troops in barracks: catapults, siege weapon or something like that.

Catapults max number = 5
Catapults will be a class mage and count like mages from mage tower but they would be offensive units.

Situation after those changes will look like this :

45 warriors + 15%hp + 5 catapults vs 30 archers + 10 mages + fortification

And I guarantee you, even then the defender will win a battle if maxed out.

What will change for attacker is that he would be able to have troops against lvl 200 fortification which is overpowered.

Catapults max number would be like this:

barracks lvl 1 - max 1 catapult
barracks lvl 5 - max 2 catapult
barracks lvl 10 - max 3 catapult
barracks lvl 15 - max 4 catapult
barracks lvl 20 - max 5 catapult

There will be an additional bar in send troops option to send catapults. If you send catapult then it will fight against enemy fortifications first.

Fights will be more balanced, defenders still will have an advantage but attackers will gain a bit more punching force.

Now when you fight against maxed defender you will lose all your warriors and defender will have like 10-15 archers after a battle (if not more) and still 10 mages, his fortification will take off 10 or more of your warriors.

After this change attacker should be able to break more than a half of defender troops - that will give him a possibility to win after the second try if the defender is afk.

That will force defenders to care more about their resources because now situation looks like this: if you have maxed out your defense then some attackers sometimes (very rarely) will attack you losing all his troops and you will lose like 10% of your defensive troops, you just rebuild them and you are safe even if 2-3 players will attack you one by one.

My change will bring this: after 2-3 attacks, you will be in danger of losing your resources or meaby (but I don't think it would happen even with suggested buffs: after second attack you may lose all of your remained defense).

Last edited by żyd; 19th September 2018 at 03:57 PM.
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