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Old 6th May 2019, 10:52 PM
Lanzer Lanzer is offline
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Lightbulb another:"ideas that wont make it to S&F" post

Ok guys so lets get this straight quick.
1:Remove the 10M gold cap on missions
2.Increase the max aura... lets says once or twice a year.
3.Change the bonus attributes of class/race from static to percentual or maybe just for one of them, i mean a demon serker with +15% STR might be a bit too broken or a gnome mage,so limit this to class only.
4:Rework the "epic weekend" => "war weekend": same as epic weekend but, double the amount of exp-fights you can do at arena, once finished the 20 fights you get a random prize (lets say a common item,fruit, wheel, spin, whatever) this will increase the pvp...this might be quite hard to code tho.+
Speaking of wheel you should double its crystal reward or remove the rank 1 exp reward
5.Rework the "luck" stat, yeah the forgotten stat, you should add a new function to luck "reroll hits" a higher amount of luck lets you to reroll your attacks and pick the best one (before the critical flag)
EX: lets say for example at level i dunno...400 you need X amount of luck to have a plain 50% chance to crit against another lvl 400 or below, then you will need 2X that amount of luck to get 1 instance of reroll.
How does this would work in practice?

Based on this if i have lvl 400 and 60 000 luck then i should get 3 reroll instances:
My original basic attack does 90k damage, the 1st reroll does 110k, 2nd does 80k and 3rd does 95k; my first reroll is pick for being the highest and then applied his normal crit chance.

Or another rework would be get this "X" amount of luck needed to cap a 50% crit, and every A times X the chance of finding items at missions increase by A% (capping at 10%max)

The point of this is making luck a useful stat by making the players actualy "drink" luck potions, not instant selling luck gems and making them choose between a strong and stable weapon (1000-1100 dmg) or a weaker but with wider range weapon (500-1300 dmg)

And lastly evaluate the posibiliy to merge some servers.

Greetings from minijuegos server
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