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Old 20th April 2016, 07:58 PM
Borb Borb is offline
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Default Fortress - Fame makes no sense

Being top in fortress isn´t about how good you are,it´s about how active you are and that you are willing to sacrifice your soldiers to attack people without defenses to gain honor.
Being Top is all about being active.
No.1 in fortress can be someone with fortress level 5, while there might be people ranked 5000 that has fortress level 15.

That´s a bit annoying, but it also means that strong players wont be able to compete with each other, as they are spread throughout the ranks = there is no competition, and nobody strives to be rank 1,as it only means that player has no life = too active, strenght of fortress means nothing.

If you extend this hall of fame fortress system to arena,it would be like this: no.1 person would be level 30 only because he frequently attacks others, and because when he is defeated, he doesnt lose any honor. So the no.1 guy would be level 30, while a guy ranked 5000 would be level 350, but because he doesnt attack often, he wouldnt be no.1. Strenght means nothing there, and it´s a bit boring.

Now i am amongst top 100 in fortress, yet there is no reason for me to attack anyone, as other people are too weak here. In top 100, there is lot of people with fortress level 11-12, and that just doesnt make sense, since i am level 16 fortress.There is no competition, as there are almost no strong players near me. And that´s not good,it should be changed.

My suggestion : leave the hall of fame as it is, as changing it would too much of a trouble, but make attacks so that attacks are based on level of your fortress and fortress of your oponents.This way, there would be more competition and fun between strong players, and weak players would naturally didnt get attacked by strong players like in my case, when i can just trample anyone who has level 85 soldiers, while i have level 125 soldiers.I can just send 5 soldiers and they will destroy them.Is that fair ? Not really.

I know i already made a similar topic, but i feel as this is very important in fortress .
Old 17th May 2016, 10:46 AM
Arrow Arrow is offline
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I think that something could be changed in fortress hof instead: what I suggest is to gain 1 honour when you win in fortress defense and lose 1 honour when you lost in fortress attack.

Those who have to defend don't gain anything if they win against attacker. They lost anyway ('cause they have to rebuilt partially their army).
Old 17th May 2016, 11:29 AM
Borb Borb is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 326

This could be easily abuseable though arrow - you could just talk with a friend who would constantly attack you and you would become no.1 in no time.

But yeah, fame in fortress sucks, but well - whatever i guess. I dont really care anymore, now that i am like level 17 fortress. Attacking doesnt even make sense anymore : p
Old 17th May 2016, 12:21 PM
hexblot hexblot is offline
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This doesn't make much sense to me.

Since you cannot choose who you will attack (so as to not exploit the system), a strong player (IF he decides to be active), can easy hop on the HoF since he'll be getting much honor by attacking with few soldiers and not losing honor since he is stronger than those around him.

Do you mean that if he decides not to attack anyone, others cannot attack him because he is in a bracket much lower than that of people with similar upgrades?

All in all, the current system allows you to either engage in combat, and both attack and be attacked, or to just live and let live, and you'll soon find yourself in a peaceful place; that's ok in my books.
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