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View Poll Results: Do you want ingame Chat
YES, it would be nice and i see many benefits 7 41.18%
YES, i would like to have a chat 2 11.76%
I dont really care about chat 2 11.76%
NO, i dont like ingame chats 1 5.88%
NO,having a chat would hurt/break the game 5 29.41%
Voters: 17. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 4th July 2014, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
Lol so all this abt global chat is so u can recruit ppl to your guild. sry but that is funny. every guild that has gone anywhere near the top mail thousands of players and tbh it is the best way to do it as you get your message to them and that cant miss it like chat. plus they can reply in kind or not.

If I seen someone trying to recruit in a global chat I would pretend I wasn't on so they didn't try bugging me or just go off on them for spamming chat which what u want to do with it would be considered.
Don't read too selective
It is ALSO about recruiting, NEXT to the social aspect
I have been repeating myself in several post but i guess the expected negativity makes people read only what they want

Spamming is never allowed, there can be rules for Recruit-messages in chat (eg 1 guild is allowed once an hour or even NO guild advertising AT ALL)
But when someone post in chat you can think: Hey this guy is active, let's send him a mail to ask if he want to join a guild (like it is done now)

How does spamming hundreds of useless mails to probable inactive accounts add to the fun of the game? That's boring and tedious and also (as mentioned by others) takes up useless server space (=costing hosting money) for storing useless messages for inactive accounts

My Guild now has 11 active players(incl me), so yes it is all possible and i think i did not do bad in such a short amount of time
But why must the social interactivity of a mmo with hundreds, maybe even thousands of players be limited to that 10 other guildmembers?

Also newbies can ask questions, people can respond, giving a newer player more indication if this game is still alive or not(there are so many dead games of this type) and so worth playing (and paying for)

Yes (again) there is a forum, but if these forums must be an indicator of how active the game is, my impression is that it died long ago (which is not really the case (yet))
Also signing up at the forum is difficult, takes a while to get manual approvement and makes people think 'why bother' after a while and probably leave before they ever get in

There are tens of more benefits i can think of by adding chat, but since my posts are long(and mostly not read) anyway, i dare anyone to think about this objectively

Old 4th July 2014, 05:37 PM
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Primary reason is to recruit people. It's better to create "looking for guild" status or vacancies (like in bloodmoon). There is no real reason to talk on server chat, than recruitment.

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Old 4th July 2014, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Bqczek View Post
Primary reason is to recruit people. It's easier to create "looking for guild" status or vacancies like in bloodmoon. There is no real reason to talk on server chat, than recruitment.

-Finding friends
-Joking around
-Bragging about big loot in PvP (without naming players)/dungeon/raid/tower achievements/etc)
-Information exchange
-Congratulating on wins/lvlups
-Server notifications (events, promo's etc)
-A reason NOT to browse away during running timers

Although the automatic 'looking for guild' system might prove useful to some, i like to know what kind of guild i am getting into before i get into it
Also enthousiast players make guilds, add them as 'looking for' and quit playing,creating the same issue as with trying to find active players (weeding through tons of inactive guilds)
Some guilds want only specific players and some players want only specific guilds

The main reason i quit S&F years ago was the lack of chat, which other games do have (and i kept playing those)

Then those games died out (because NO development) and recently i started finding new similar games, and came back to S&F
To my joy i noticed development here, so i signed up again, but still miss chat

I tried Bloodmoon, and it's dead
The few players there i did speak with told me they loved a chat
In Bloodmoon there is absolutely no PvP and or social interactivity

It's just a revamped S&F with limited features, nerfing the game and gameplay

Old 4th July 2014, 06:44 PM
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As I have said would a server/world/ global chat be nice yes I nvr denied that it wouldn't but tbh the bad way out weights the good. there is no way to stop trolling, spamming bad language and any other bad behavior.

also except for a few guild chat is little to non existant. I have run guilds with some to even decent chat but at some point it all dies away to only when someone is bored or u get the gratz when an announcement is made abt a dungeon or someone leveling.

Here is a suggestion for u since I can say at least anywhere in the near future that Playa will not put a server chat in. that maybe you want to make your own that is outside of the game. I am sure there are free websites that u can do that with or even social media. you just need to find one that works for u and just put a link on your character description. Not sure if it is allowed in the forum for a link as in part that cant have info on other online mmo's on the website u use.
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Old 14th July 2014, 11:24 AM
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Uhm... Guys? I didn't read all this posts. But we have already a globalchat. The forumchat or haven't we?

"Joy is not in things, is it in us."

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Old 14th July 2014, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Willem1000 View Post
Uhm... Guys? I didn't read all this posts. But we have already a globalchat. The forumchat or haven't we?
Lol trust me, that's all covered in the previous posts: the three main flaws being players must move away from the game to chat, the chat is not limited to players on a specific server and players must register at forum to use it

As for the mention of an outside chat by bobo baggins
Sure there are free online solutions, or even things as IRC but aside from the issues posted above that apply to the forum chat, people must know to find this chat online or be tech-smart to install a IRC client and know the channel
That's another MAJOR hurdle on top of the forum chat issues

The biggest plus of in-game chat would be for new players to come in and be able to participate socially right away while playing


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