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Old 3rd August 2011, 02:00 PM
Dilberto Dilberto is offline
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Default Dungeon...


Just started playing. And getting my ass kicked in dungeon 1.

Im starting to think that im doing something wrong. Ive looked at the monsters in the dungeon (at a wiki-site) and thougt "wtf!?" when seeing their stats.

Am i supposed to beat that? 30k hp?? i have about 6000 at lvl 11. What dear lords am i doing wrong? Shouldnt spend money on gear? Not spending enough?

Is stats better than gear? Are magic potions the shizzl?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

(and if you need a guildie on server 1 pls mail me. )
Old 3rd August 2011, 06:12 PM
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What class are you (warrior, scout, mage)? And what are your stats?
At low levels your character develops very quickly so you will level up in no time. Increase your primary attribute (warriors: strength, scouts: dext., mages: int.), then your constitution and luck. The other two attributes are not that important at the moment.

An example of a warrior could be:

Strength: 1000
Const.: 900
Luck: 700
Dext.: 400
Int.: 400

But this is just the way some users skill (including me) their character.

Potions are really important so always buy them and save three of them (a potion for your primary attribute, then const., the Eternal Life potion or - if you can't afford one - a luck potion)...then go to the dungeon.

The dungeon isn't meant to be easy so don't expect to defeat a new monster every other day.

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Old 3rd August 2011, 06:55 PM
Dilberto Dilberto is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
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Lol...guess i have a long way to go then.

Im an orc. My str and con are about 100. So to the bat-cave!

Just thought the first dungeon was completed around lvl 20, så you would naturally go to the second. But guess i was wrong.

Thx for the info!

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