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Old 25th May 2020, 11:34 AM
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The problem is not what is causing the bug, but the lazy implementation behind that that even allows it to happen.

The cause of the bug is very simple. Entering arena queries all 3 players at once (sometimes more than once because of the players being expired, this is what causes the bug). The server replies, but sometimes those replies are handled in wrong order. The game just assumes the order is correct and rewrites the data happily, which in turn makes the game show different players.

Btw #1: You can trigger it by going into Arena for the first time / getting new opponents, go out, wait for 10 second and go back to Arena. If everything goes as expected you will be faced with the bug. Might take several tries.

Btw #2: Lazy and easy fix is modifying Players.HasPlayer function to check if player is expired
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Old 22nd August 2020, 12:13 AM
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I can confirm the bug is not fixed, I use Windows 10 PC with Firefox. This bug happens 3-4 times a day. It even appears if I fight in the arena every 10 minutes, also when the timer directly reaches 0 seconds and I get the free try. Usually this happens when I get offered an opponent with fairly weak stats there (ex. if I as scout have 3k dex and 2,5 con, I get someone with 2k dex and 1,5k con) and trying to fight this weak opponent usually gives me one that is mostly higher level than me.
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This is very annoying for daily quest to beat 3 scots, as all scouts I attacked turned out to something else (and all this loosing against a phantom player that I didn't pick is no fun!)

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Old 22nd August 2020, 07:52 AM
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Untill the devs fix the bug, you can avoid this bug most of the times from my experience.

How to avoid: When choosing your opponent, before you accept the fight, check to see if the name and picture of the opponent is the same as the one you chose.
Example: you choose opponent 2 with the name "xyz", click the picture and now the popup window appears where you have to accept the fight. The picture matches, but the name of the opponent is now "abc". This means it is bugged.
Now go to another tab, like "guild" and wait a second or 2. Go back to the "arena" tab, choose opponent 2 "xyz" and again check the name. Is it "xyz"? Great, accept the fight. Is it still "abc"? Try changing tabs again and if it still doesn't work, log out and back in. Still bugged? Well, just accept the fight and go again in 10min, or shroom
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