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Old 25th January 2021, 08:08 PM
Maka of Phonis Maka of Phonis is offline
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Default Pet System rebalancing

Hi all,

First post here, long time player. I wouldn't have made this post if I wasn't really sure that something needs to be taken with the community.

The pet fight system does not seem to work for me. The tactics are weak nowadays and luck is very dominant. The main element of interest for my Scout - Light - was very low and being left behind from the other elements, so I needed to do something to bring it up to speed with the rest.

To do that, I had a test. I tried to lower my server rank in pet fights by fighting only with my weakest environment's pets (light) until I reach the level of my strongest environment (fire). To accelerate this, instead of waiting 5 days to fight with my weakest environment pets I was going also for the 1st fight of the other 4 days ONLY IF:
- the level gap with the opponent was very high for this fight (so that I would lose),
- or at least notably higher than my pets of the weak environment for that fight in terms of "grass is beaten by fire, fire by water, ..." etc.

This test lasted 4 months till today and I noticed that my wins and losses were random ~7 times out of 10. When I say random, I mean that these relatively obvious tacts to lower my rank and fight with weaker opponents did not work. And when I say weaker opponents, i mean at least comparable to my weakest environment's pets.

Statistically speaking, even 2 or more times out of 10 to have a random effect, it would mean tactics is pointless.

Therefore, my suggestions are the following in 3 options:

1) increase the effect of pet level difference by reducing the critical hits based on luck. Increase the effect of who beats who, like "mage pet can beat easier tank pet, tank --> archer, archer--> mage".
2) introduce a more realistic tactical environment with more options, like choosing the order of how I want my pets to fight in attack and how in defence and based on this order some pets of the same environment could synergize for bigger (and truer) tactical effect.
3) Remove the total pet level of your opponent for psychological reasons because after all this testing it doesn't seem to make sense and it causes frustration. Keep the system then as is so that users understand that it is very random in the end, without getting frustrated.

Best regards,

Maka of Phonis w26
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