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Old 5th April 2014, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Baldur View Post
krhth thats a big project to implement to the game, and does nothing to add new content or value to the game... yes it makes life easier for the gamers, but it is not something that will change the game or add new players to the servers... Especially when all this can be done just by contacting a CoMa and letting him know that you put a friend sit your account. Now, if you dont trust that person and he doesnt return your account, you always have the proof of ownership of the account and you can easily be given back your account.... So, nice idea, but too much fuss for nothing (and doesnt add anything new to the game). Thats my 2 cents
You can always get your account back indeed. Problem is in what condition. Every shroom consumed? All items sold? I'm pretty sure noone will compensate that! And I believe that is the reason many people dont use the sitting option as it is at the moment. (propably many don't even know there is an option at all)
I'm not suggesting this should be the project on the current update we expect, but playa asked for ideas and im giving them.. So maybe food for thought on a future project.

The fact that it is big or difficult to implement is totally irrelevant (for the player)... For example. There is a bug concerning flash and chrome that i have reported a few months now. I know for a fact that finidng bugs and fixing them is a hard job. That doesn't mean playa should pass by such an issue.

Bottomline, what is important for me is the fact that you like the idea and i want opinions on that from other players as well.
Then Leander could examine wether this is a reasonable request (not like asking infinite shrooms or sth), wether community agrees with it and then pass it through to playa.. As a community manager should do.

If the company decides it's not worth the effort that's fair with me. But at least i need to know that my ideas are transfered and not doomed due to one person's opinion.

PS: Just one small thing. There is a chance you don't even get your account back... IF it's deleted..

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