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Old 7th October 2019, 05:50 PM
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Default Accla's Arena Manager Tool

Hi everyone,

I'd like to present to you my arena manager excel tool. It is based on Zoragos data file and uses some inspiration from both the Reloe and Lapisulami file, so big shoutout to those guys.
You can use it regardless if you are playing with or without shrooms. If you are a non-shroomer getting the most from your money investment is even more important, if youre not a lot is due to your merchant luck in the end.

At first you have to activate your boosts in the data tabs:

The file consists of several tabs, the overview tab is the main one.
You now put your runes and current Buildings levels into the file at this tab. Only edit the orange fields!
The Level multiplier is meant to be able to change to the 10x, 25x and so on data, because in later stages going level by level is way to micromanage even for me ,
but this feature is still under construction so leave this at 1 for now.
It will not drastically change the recommendations, only the times change if you dont go level by level but instead x10 for example.
The contrast theme checkbox can be used to change the table to a contrast look which makes it easier to follow the lines, depending on your taste.

The main decision part are the 2 Amortisation columns.
Amortisation is defined as: "Covering the acquisition costs incurred for an investment good from the income generated from this"
and the amortisation time is the time an investment needs to reach this point, it is here given in seconds.
You always want to build up the building with the lowest time, which can either be the next level of it or up to the next breakpoint (25, 50, 100, 250, ...).
The green highlight will show you which buildings you should upgrade.
The formula used to calculate next level is: cost/(earnings inkrement/time)
and for breakpoint: summ(cost)/((total earnings at breakpoint-total current earnings)/time).
You may find the breakpoint time rising at the first levels after you hit a breakpoint, that is due to the fast rising costs which produce a much lower cost/inkrement at the first levels,
which is then eliminated from the result after you reach those levels.

The next columns are quite self explaining i guess, i will go over them shortly:
- Costs is the summed costs of all levels until the breakpoint.
- Upgrade in s shows the time you need to upgrade this level or breakpoint.
It is ofcause measured based on your average production per second, so you might not be able to build it at the given time,
if for example a huge proportion of your earnings comes from toilets that still need another hour to produce.
- The production columns show what money you produce per time intervall and the percentage each building has on your overall earnings.

There is dynamical formating working to change all this numbers to scientific view at a certain point if you are more familiar with one of the views you just need to change the switchnumber for that.

The second part of my file as for now is the merchant tab. It is meant to plan your next resets and merchants with the skip arena tactic, but should also be quite usefull for regular resets and merchant use.

First we look at the left side of the tab, you need to put in the number of buildings you plan to open after reseting your arena before the merchant arives
and the number of boosts you have for this buildings. As in most other input fields the file will highlight the cell in red if your input doesnt make logical sense.

depending on your input the file will tell you the chances for different skips and when your next merchants arrive if you always take them soonest.
The highlited merchant times are the ones of the current day +1. I usually only change the Last Merchant Time cell when I get my merchant later than it were possible.

The right side of the tab is a little less precise and more speculativ. You need to have some experience to interprete this correctly.

At first you put in the Runes in the current file and now it will calculate what part of your current production is in the number of buildings starting at the first, that you have given
and how this percentage compared to your current overall production would change if you would do a reset with that amount of runes.
The two profit expected columns are calculated as follows, 7d open is:
7*the percentage compared to your current earnings of the buildings you plan to open*the chance for 7d skip with this settings.

7d no Reset is:
7*100%*chance for seven days with all your current buildings with level >0 on overview tab and all your activated boosts

The two columns can be interpreted as the average production in days of your current daily production
that you will win, if you do a reset before merchant and are able to build up your specific given number buildings to the same level before you activate your 7d skip and what you will win on average if you dont reset
and will buy a 7d skip at a lower chance, if one appears. What is not calculated in is, that you are able to build up your higher buildings after the merchant appears, which will have a significant impact on 7d payoff.
Baiscally you might want to go with the strategie that you are simulating, if your 7d open is higher than 7d no reset, but only if the restoretime is reasonable.
The precise restoretime is hard to calculate and the formula I use here has highly speculative elements in it, so use this carefully. But in my tests it wasnt to far off,
though you might want to add 1 or 2 hours to stays safe and produce some money for the later buildings that you want to build anyway.

The strategie each player that is already at billions of runes uses, if he didnt have just pure luck with skips looks like this:
You reset your arena a few hours before the merchant appears and only build up the first few buildings depending on your boosts.
That will give you a very high chance for any skip at merchant and pretty good for 7d, because you can only get boosts for buildings you have open and didnt bought yet, so the rest is skips.
After you have the skip at the merchant you want to build up the later buildings as far as you can before you use the skip, to get more profit from it.
After you skiped you directly reset once more and now build a full arena with all buildings that make sense at your current status and reset this a few hours before next merchant to start over again.
At the different arenas that you build up you use the numbers from my tool to decide which buildings to build up.

That is where this strategies and tactics have brought me so far. its not the best, but what can you do if you get no 7d no matter the chances :

Here is the link to version 2.31 of the file:

I hope my tool will help you with your arena manager progress!
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Old 7th October 2019, 06:28 PM
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Great work, thank you!

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Old 7th October 2019, 09:03 PM
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Well - that's definitely much more elaborate than what I have come up with... Thank you for sharing! I will give it a shot.
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Old 7th October 2019, 10:03 PM
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Thanks alot for your tool Acclamator, now I got
the correct numbers for monster and toilet.
With these I was able to complete my table!
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Old 9th October 2019, 05:09 PM
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Default A general How-To for Arena Management

Is there such a bulletin on "How To"?
I am very confused by the whole process.
Does the end result build something that you can look at similar to our "Fortress"?

I am sure the information contained in the above is very helpful but after reading through that - I still have no idea what to do in a basic sense not being sure what the result is.

Thank you,
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Old 12th October 2019, 12:05 AM
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You should first look into the manual to get a first impression on how this thing works in general.
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Old 1st November 2019, 10:34 AM
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Updated the version to 2.1 that fixes some issues and implements the later Breakpoints till Level 10.000.

The link is in the first post.
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arena, arena strategie, manager exceltool, skip tactic

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