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Old 1st February 2017, 04:52 PM
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Default Server merge/coop


I've noticed that on most servers, interest in the game declines relatively quickly. That means that out of the 100k toons listed on the HoF (currently on S2UK there are ~91500 toons), less than 1% are actually there. And in other (older?) servers, the inactive lists are even bigger!

So my suggestion, other than the purge/pruning of inactive accounts that has been previously suggested and was met with (justified) criticism, is one of the following:
  • Merge multiple servers into one. Since most merged accounts are inactive, there really will not be a problem with server resources. There will be some issue with duplicate character names though, which can be resolved with a server prefix ( eg [S2] Hexblot and [S1] Hexblot ).

    This will allow for larger pools of active players to make guilds compete more over talent, as well as war more with varied opponents. Assuming the worlds are mature enough, transient features (such as witch progress) will be a non-issue.

  • To the same effect, just allow cross-world cooperation of players. In that spirit, people from server 1 can join a guild in server 2, and participate in guild events.

    I feel this is much more far-fetched though, due to the involved complexities. The suggestion above makes more sense, and is much simpler to implement.
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Old 1st February 2017, 09:25 PM
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I totally agree with a server merge since i play on I dont know if 1% of total players are active but all i can say the percentage is under 10% for sure.
But i doubt playa will ever merge servers .
Cross-world cooperation is a great idea because many good and new things could came out of it (cross-world server wars, world boss event, the ability to add real guild alliance ingame making possible 2 vs. 2 wars, new dungeon/portal to be explored only with allied guild and so on... possibilities are endless). Unfortunately its a very long shot to get implemented in near future.

However i sense a surprise from playa coming soon (another BiG game update) . So keep the ideas flowing... who knows... maybe something good will come out of them. Leander will push every single one of them to the devs so there is a chance your voice will be heard and your idea implemented ingame.

Please read the Board Rules and the Allowed language on the International Forum before posting. Thank You.

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Old 2nd February 2017, 01:36 AM
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there are a lot of factors good and bad to look at for the players and Playa to make mergers worth it. yeah more activity for awhile at least. from experience in other games with server mergers and from what I have heard others say abt it in other games. the activity level drops drasticly from my experience first month lost over 25% of active players within 3 months activity was almost to where it was b4 the merger within 6 months activity was less then what it was b4 the merger as well as spending. reasoning for the quick drop was top players who were the biggest spenders on their server found that someone either spent more and was way better of just that their server was older so just ended up being better. then the lower level spenders feel that with even more power players they have no chance to catch up. after those leave you find those who were closest to them as friends decide that those that left were only reason they stuck around if it wasn't from those friends quitting the game then it most likely that others moved to other guilds for ranking and or rewards.

next part the multi accounting on a server rule that is an easy fix just remove it. but on the flip side doing so allows players to make a whole guild full of multi's .

player and guild names yeah can just add the server number on the end but I would hate to be support during server mergers all the name changes to get rid it from their names.

yeah having more ppl would be interesting but for me and many others who have dicussed this subject in the past don't want mergers to happen. why you ask. well I cant speak for everyone who don't want it but for me I spent a lot of time and money to be where I am on the servers I play on. (I am not ranked first on all 3 but still near the top) to possibly be merged with an older server and lose rank as a player and a guild. (especially as a guild as everyone in my guild especially the server my guild is ranked #1. it took over 4 years of hard work to get there) to have it wiped out by a merger would be a very tough pill to swallow.
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Old 2nd February 2017, 08:43 PM
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Merging servers has been discussed for some time now. It would be possible technically with some new rules that cover accounts, account names and guild names. I don't know Playa's opinion at the moment but we MIGHT see merged servers in the don't quote me on that.

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