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Old 24th June 2014, 05:06 PM
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berel breaker berel breaker is offline
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After I was relaxed,

I met a witch and told me about the souls and the ghosts.

I got breavness and with voodoos I destroy you and your soul.

I climb with heroism and

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Old 20th February 2015, 02:51 PM
King Arath King Arath is offline
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After months and months of silence.. has the hill been abandoned?

I am at the bottom of the hill, carefully scanning for movement on the hilltop .. oh what would it be glorious if that hill were mine..

There is noone to be seen, noone patrolling its various slopes and treacherous rock formations.

I am climbing up, my heart is racing like a clock, cold winter winds hurting the very core of my muscled body. Every step is taking me closer, closer to the hill that should be mine, that will be mine, ...

A strange sound in the distance grasps my attention.. would it be..

I climb further. Again that sound, I keep climbing, again that sound but now louder.. I keep moving faster and faster...

The strengthening strange sound chills me to the bone as I thread closer and closer to the summit ... rrrrrrr... rrrRrrRrrr... RrrrRRrrrRRR ... RRRRRrRrRrrRr .. RRRRRRRRR...



#&'BAAM@#3!!#2à One giant swing of my hammer breaks berel breaker's bones to pieces.

The silence returns, no more strange sounds, was he truly snoring that loud??

I take a few moments to enjoy the glorious scenery unraveled when standing at the top of the hill, the top of..

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