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Old 10th July 2015, 12:53 AM
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Default Flying tube / Fox question

May i ask how does flying tube actually work ? I have been checking sfgame today a lot, yet i never seen even one flying tube.
Is it random, or something else ? Someone told me that it might not appear if there are no ads from playa games, but i am not sure its legit.
Well, if anyone has any advice, i will be really thankful.
Old 10th July 2015, 01:39 AM
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the current format of the flying tube is for those with less then a 50% mount plus there has to be vids for the country you are from.

for each video you get the fox for 3 quests and they are stackable.

the fox is like a 50% mount
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Old 10th July 2015, 01:45 AM
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I know all that, but today me and other people in guild didnt see flying tube at all, so i am just wonder how does it really work.
And for the record, i am from Czech Rep and other guy is from who didnt see any today is from Holland.
Old 10th July 2015, 03:27 AM
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From what I understand, the ads are country-based.

If they don't have ads from your country, you won't see the tube.

I play with people from all over the world. Mexico, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Viet Nam, etc. Some people get a lot of vids, and some people get one or two a week.
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Old 10th July 2015, 05:39 PM
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The flying tube can be annoying to get to work so you should test some things out yourself.
As some vids are in your own language you can be sure that the package of commercials you get to see is country based.
You can always look in the hall of fame for people with a fox mount and aks them how many vids they get if they're from the same country (best on the international server since there's probably whole guilds from your country).

If you get none or way less vids then others it's probably one of these 2 things:
- in the game options you can turn the tube on and off, since translations are horrible in this game it might say something else.
I'm from holland and it will say "Voor de buis!!!" and i have no idea what the meaning of that sentence is and i'm pretty sure other country's have the same issue.
Switch to german/english to see what the options actually do.
- Your browser is blocking some/all of them.
this will take some work to figure out, addon's/extentions will mess up your flying tube.
I tried firefox, IE and chrome to see the best outcome and a clean chrome without using any extra extentions is working best for me and will give me at least 1 tube every 10mins while questing.
IE would only give me 2 tubes a day and i use firefox as my mainbrowser with loads of addons so the tube doesn't work at all there.

There's also a limit on some of the commercials so you will see the flying tube and get an error message when it's loading the vid if you've seen it to many times.
Some vids are also bugged so you'll see the tube and only get part of the vid frame but those things where always there
Old 10th July 2015, 05:54 PM
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I am from Holland too, and I get lots of flying tubes.
If you click at 'Voor de buis', you actuallly shut the flying tube off.

In our guild we see that the region in a country where you live can make a difference.
And also a popupblocker can ruin your chances on a flying tube.
I use also chrome.
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